Groundbreaking Research Into Kinases Using CellOPTIQ From Clyde Biosciences

Highlights from the publication include:

  • Collaboration with AZ on kinase inhibitor induced cardiotoxicity
  • Understanding E-C coupling is essential in kinase research
  • CellOPTIQ® is the only single mechanistic screen providing insight into E-C coupling mechanism
  • Observing the interplay between voltage, calcium transient and contractility is vital and is only available in Clyde’s assay


Kinases play a critical role in drug discovery, particularly in oncology research. Many small molecule kinases inhibitors have been approved for use, but several have warnings related to cardiac toxicity. The research team felt it vital to investigate the mechanisms of cardiotoxicity in kinases using a number of different methods.

Only CellOPTIQ® illuminated the essential interplay between voltage, calcium transient and contractility. Measuring these three aspects of cellular function near-simultaneously provides a unique mechanistic toxicology assay.

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