Epidarex Exeed Founded by Epidarex Capital to Advance Early Stage, Highly Innovative Life Science Assets

  • Epidarex’s therapeutic discovery engine will identify innovative early stage assets, providing hands-on scientific support and funding to drive drug discovery projects
  • Exeed will mould and de-risk opportunities, making them ready for company creation and Series A investment
  • Co-founder Dr. Henning Steinhagen appointed as CEO

Edinburgh, UK, 09 December 2019 – Epidarex Capital, a leading transatlantic venture fund, today announced the launch of its therapeutic discovery engine, Epidarex Exeed Ltd. (Exeed). Focussed on advancing early stage, innovative life science assets, Exeed will pair world-class science with leading drug discovery, project management and CRO partners under the leadership of a highly experienced and skilled management team, with seed funds provided by Epidarex Capital.

Exeed has been founded to efficiently and rapidly transform breakthrough life science innovations into investable assets over a period of 12-18 months. The Exeed team, led by CEO Dr. Henning Steinhagen, with Daniel Gill and Richard Brooks in Operational and Finance roles, will provide significant hands-on support to de-risk early stage programs.

Dr Henning Steinhagen, CEO of Epidarex Exeed, said: “There is a clear need for early stage capital and capabilities that can validate and progress breakthrough life science innovation to a point where traditional VC investors are ready to fund companies and lead Series A investments. Epidarex Exeed will help to fulfil that need.”

Dr Liz Roper, Partner at Epidarex Capital added: “The formation of Epidarex Exeed and our investment in the company builds on our strong track record of backing innovative spin-outs from leading research universities across the UK and the US. We are excited that Dr. Steinhagen will lead the company, based on his wealth of experience in drug discovery and development.”


About Epidarex Capital 

Epidarex Capital is a transatlantic venture fund that invests in early-stage, high growth life science and health technology companies in under-ventured markets. Epidarex focuses on providing risk capital to young companies, including spin-outs, from leading research institutions in both established and emerging life science hubs. The fund’s international management team has a track record of successfully partnering with top scientists and entrepreneurs to develop highly innovative products for the global healthcare market.

About Epidarex Exeed 

Epidarex Exeed is a new drug discovery engine with a novel business model, backed by Epidarex Capital, with the mission to seed and advance early stage and highly innovative life science assets to create investable companies based on breakthrough science.

Epidarex Exeed pairs world-class science with the right drug discovery, project management and CRO partners to advance early stage assets, typically over a period of 12-18 months, with the goal to create new companies under the leadership of Epidarex Capital.

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