DUNAD Therapeutics Emerges to Develop Next-Generation Small Molecule Therapeutics Based on First Tuneable Targeted Protein Degradation Technology

New UK company backed by Epidarex Capital emerges from stealth

Cambridge, UK, March 23, 2021 – Dunad Therapeutics (“Dunad”) emerges today to develop next-generation small molecule therapeutics based on its highly differentiated, tuneable and targeted protein degradation technology. Dunad, secured initial financing from Epidarex Capital, a transatlantic venture firm that specializes in seeding and building exceptional early-stage life science companies.

Dunad’s unique small molecule platform induces targeted degradation of disease-causing and often undruggable proteins via direct modification of the target using mono-valent small molecules. The Company’s novel molecular approach is fully tuneable to be exquisitely selective and underpinned by a target-class agnostic mechanism of action that is distinct from other targeted protein degradation technologies. Dunad’s platform has the potential to unlock access to orally bioavailable and CNS-accessible degrader therapeutics and expand the frontiers of protein degradation targets.

The Company is further building the platform, enhancing its proteomics and bioinformatics infrastructure and expanding its proprietary library of covalent degraders with the aim to advance its emerging pipeline of novel therapeutics, predominantly focused on oncology and CNS indications.

Inducing degradation via direct modulation of target proteins’ topology with a mono-valent small molecule, makes for a more effective drug discovery and development path,” said Prof. Patrick Gunning, Dunad’s co-founder, acting Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer. “To-date, there has not been a broadly applicable, plug-and-play, mono-valent approach to protein degradation, and we believe Dunad’s unique platform provides the potential to deliver next-generation degrader therapeutics with advantages over traditional drugs against a wide range of diseases.”

“Epidarex has been tracking the exciting field of targeted protein degradation and has developed a strong appreciation for the valuable opportunities it presents for novel drug discovery. Dunad’s highly innovative and differentiated approach, based on world-class science, caught our attention as it overcomes several of the major challenges with current degradation platforms, including oral bioavailability and CNS exposure. We look forward to supporting Patrick and his team in taking this platform forward,” said Dr. Liz Roper, Partner at Epidarex Capital.

“The Dunad platform has demonstrated it is tuneable and highly selective and represents a new and differentiated targeted protein degradation approach. The company has strategically integrated top proteomics technologies for rapid advancement of both its platform and pipeline,” said Prof. Bernhard Kuster (Technical University of Munich), a world-leading proteomics expert, and advisor to Dunad.

“With the backing of Epidarex, Dunad is building strong momentum, expanding its team with experts across proteomics, protein degradation and covalent therapeutics, including Dr. Graham Simpson who has joined as a Senior VP Drug Discovery. Dunad is strongly positioned for further rapid growth while remaining laser-focused on applying the technology to the most sought-after and previously intractable targets,” said Dr. Diana Kraskouskaya, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Dunad.

About Dunad Therapeutics:

Dunad Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of next-generation targeted protein degradation therapies. Dunad’s platform enables selective degradation via direct target modification using tuneable mono-valent small molecules, allowing for the development of more drug-like, orally bioavailable and CNS-accessible protein degraders.

Dunad was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with operations in both the UK and North America, and is backed by Epidarex Capital. For more information, please visit: www.dunad.co.uk